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We don’t really know that much about ADHD, despite endless studies, it seems to be that ADHD is in some cases hereditary, but not in others. It is currently believed that some 75% of cases are caused by at least one parent’s genes. However, there are some interesting theories out there, including Natural Selection dating back to evolution, as the spontaneous, and sometimes risky actions some people with ADHD may take, would have back then made the person more likely to explore the unknown, finding food source, or new territory.

Furthermore, hyperactivity may have been favourable in situations individuals found themselves in such as having quicker response times and superior hunting skills.

These days however, there’s a Tesco on every corner, food and drink comes prettily packaged for us and all we have to do is put it in the oven. So why didn’t the gene die out after it was no longer needed?

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