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buy lomaira 8mg online Phentermine products developed by various pharmaceutical companies, Lomaira comes with 8mg of Phentermine per tablet. Instead of usual, round shaped tablets, Lomaira looks more like a doggy cookie with divider in the middle and writing K1 on one half of the tablet. There presence of blue specks, but a lot less compare to other Phentermine brands.

lomaira-tablets LOMAIRA
This is how Lomaira tablets look like

Why people chose Lomaira over other products?

Unlike 37.5 mg Phentermine pills, Lomaira comes with 8 mg. The dosage of Lomaira is specifically designed to be taken 3 times a day before meals. Lomaira makes taking Phentermine HCL to the whole new level. Unlike taking for example 37.5mg Phentermine HCL pills once a day that gives you overwhelming release of this drug into your blood, Lomaira gives you little doses throughout the day. The only competitive product to Lomaira is Adipex P slow release capsules, where you take one and it lasts all day long, releasing small dosages of Phentermine during the day before it completely dissolves. Lomaira is more of a steady, controlled way of consuming Phentermine HCL. From every angle you look it it, it makes more sense to take Lomaira 3 times a day with 8mg of Phentermine instead of large dosage in one shot.

KVK Lomaira Label

There is no way you can buy Lomaira online without prescription. This drug is just like any prescription medicine with Phentermine HCL. As you probably aware, Phentermine HCL is a schedule IV controlled substance and any sale or possession without prescription considered illegal in any country in the world. Some people may still try to buy Lomaira online without prescription and even you find some unknown online site that will claim that you can purchase it from them, it will be counterfeit. Government is strictly controlling doctors that are able to prescribe Lomaira and if there anything out of ordinary going on, doctor is risking losing their license to practice and go to jail. KVK tech is planning to sell Lomaira, not only in the United States. Soon you will be able to buy Lomaira in UK and Australia. Demand for Lomaira is skyrocketing since the day one. So expect to see Lomaira go on sale in every country in the world by 2017-2018. buy lomaira 8mg online

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buy lomaira 8mg online

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